About VoteFromAbroad.org

VoteFromAbroad.org is an online tool which guides U.S. voters living abroad through the process of requesting their absentee ballot – simplifying a process which can otherwise be long and complicated with many potential pitfalls along the way.

VoteFromAbroad.org is the easiest and most comprehensive online solution to the complexities of overseas voting. It is provided as a public service, in English and Spanish, by Democrats Abroad for the use of all overseas voters, regardless of party affiliation.

Did you know…

VoteFromAbroad.org delivers votes where they count.

The Top 10 states with the most voters abroad include Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan – four swing states crucial to the outcome of any national election. In 2008, President Obama won all of them and Democrats won a majority of Congressional seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

VoteFromAbroad.org exists to serve overseas voters in their millions.

Estimates range between 4 and 7 million for the number of Americans living abroad. Many of them don’t realize they can vote from abroad or simply don’t know how. 2014 is the year to change this!

VoteFromAbroad.org registers voters absolutely everywhere.

In 2008, Democrats in more than 160 countries and territories – from Antarctica to Zambia – cast ballots in the first-ever online Global Presidential Primary. Voters in more than 200 countries and territories used VoteFromAbroad.org to request their absentee ballots for the general election.

VoteFromAbroad.org makes the difference.

In 2008, Senators Mark Begich of Alaska and Al Franken of Minnesota won their races by margins of less than 500 votes – fewer than the number of overseas ballots received.

VoteFromAbroad.org is easy!

Request your absentee ballot – and help spread the word to friends and co-workers – in two minutes flat at www.VoteFromAbroad.org.